According to Svalbard regulations you must carry a weapon as a protection agains polarbears when staying outside settlements.
We on SportsCentret can supply you or your expedition with top quality rifles as well as other safety equipment (trip wires, signal gun, signal pen). Browse through the gallery for a view into our inventory.


If you want to rent a gun you will have to show a permit from your home country showing you are fit to carrying firearms.  International weapons passport or gun license. Military or lawenforcement personel may use their service id`s. 
In spesial cases if you do not have any permit from your home country there is a possebility to get a permit from the Gouvernor of Svalbard, application time for this can be up to one month.                                  

Nordmenn må forevise våpenkort, militærets eller politiets tjenestebevis eller internasjonalt våpenpass. Personer uten våpenkort må søke sysselmannen om tillatelse til å leie våpen, behandlingstid kan være opp til 1 mnd.

For more info see www.sysselmannen.no the Gouvernor of Svalbard

We offer guns for rent from Nok 200.- pr day/24 hours or Nok 1000.- pr. week. 
These guns are Mauser M98 30.06.  We offer Ruger Compact 308 Win for Nok 300.- pr day/24 hours or Nok 1500.- pr. week.
Up front you will have to pay a deposit in cash for the gun and ammo Nok 1.200.- . You pay your rent up front.  We offer a discount on the rent if you rent a gun for more than 1 week.  Each used cartridge is Nok 25.-

Over 18, you may also rent Cal 4. 26mm signalpistols Nok 100.- a day/24 hours or Nok 500.- for a week.
Ammunition for these signalgun you may rent for Nok 25.- a day/24 hours.
Flashbang cartridges for this gun is Nok 130.-  and signal flares red/green/white is 110.- each if used or to buy. Deposit for renting signalpistols is Nok 500.-  in cash up front.
This is a good item for scaring of the polarbear, but no substitute for the rifle.

For sale we carry most of the best known caliber`s, but also a few "wild cats" as 454 Casull, 500 SW

See our webshop for prices and what`s in stock.

rustfri/syntet 30.06
S&W Carry Combo 5" 500S&W